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Article published in the Codificando .Net e-Magazine

My article about the SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard was published in the Revista Codificando .Net e-Magazine issue (17 issue).

Hi folks, just would like to inform that in this Revista Codificando .Net e-Magazine issue my article about the SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard was published!

This issue was totally dedicated to SharePoint 2010, in which many SharePoint experts discuss various topics. This issue is an outcome of the partnership between the technical communities Codificando .Net and CanalSharePoint.

My article in particular talks about the Developer Dashboard and its activation modes. I also demonstrate how to develop a feature to facilitate its utilisation and show how to visualise the dashboard data graphically.

Check it now!

Link to the magazine:


Marcel Medina

Click here to read the same content in Portuguese.

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