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2 Years

This is something to celebrate, 2 years blogging!

Hi folks,

This is something to celebrate, 2 years blogging! Well, I have some comments about that.

Things got really busy for me as a result of my dedication to this blog. I am getting more work, which is a positive thing, but on the other hand I am having less time to create articles and posts.


Since the beginning of this year I have been working on challenging and time-consuming projects. Pretty much during this time I am writing posts based on the experiences (pitfalls, gotchas and workarounds) I am facing along the development.

In my opinion Lessons Learned need to be shared, and that is what I am doing at the moment, which is also a valuable contribution to the SharePoint community. My intention is to keep up doing that plus the creation of articles to demonstrate some Real World scenarios in SharePoint.

At last, but not least I would like to thank the .NET/SharePoint communities that I have an active participation: Codificando.NET and Canal Techshare (former Canal SharePoint). Both communities from Brazil.

Well, let’s keep up the good work! Smile



Marcel Medina

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