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CopyToClipboard Feature - Codeplex

This is a SharePoint 2010 Feature that adds a button in the Ribbon, allowing users to copy document urls (links) to clipboard.

Hi folks,

Finally I have decided to make a contribution to the Open Source world, by creating a SharePoint 2010 Feature.

This feature was created to assist users in copying document urls (links) and pasting them into e-mails and documents. It is called CopyToClipboard and allows users to perform this action without trouble.

Basically the Feature is a Custom Action that adds a button in the Ribbon. The solution contains Xml configuration files + ECMAScript (Client Object Model) + JQuery.

I would like to disclose this Feature to everybody. In regards to the technical approach, it definitely deserves an exclusive article, which I expect to let it available soon.

Deploy it in your environment and announce to the users. The project download and more details are available in the following link:



Marcel Medina

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